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Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (Live)

It saddens me to have to post this song in memoriam.  Leonard Cohen will be sorely missed.  It's crazy, many "great" artists die at the height of their fame at 27 years old.  Their undiscovered accomplishments and abilities embellished, haloed by the expectations and possibilities of a future cut short. Leonard was a much rarer animal.  His future wasn't cut short.  At 82, he had realized all of the expectations and possibilities his fans hoped for over the years and managed to still leave us with that bright halo of possibility; had he only stuck around a little longer.  Most musicians that make it past 27 don't leave us with that "what if" feeling.  Most fade away after having long since peaked and disappeared from view; their catalog trailing off with a string of lack luster efforts that entertain few.  Leonard kept that special something, and each new song rekindled the love of his music that his fans have known for so long.  RIP Mr. Cohen