fergs underground


My Beautiful Wife

Ah Morgan!  AKA "Bee".  We first met in high school and were sweethearts until graduation and life took us in separate directions.  Thanks to the wonders of Myspace, we reconnected years later and decided we would stay together this time.  We love traveling together and having deep conversations about EVERYTHING.  She's my match and she compliments me perfectly.  Sigh...

All My Children

Melee:  what an interesting puppy.  Even though, at the time of this writing he is 9 years old, he is forever a puppy.  In his mind he's a lap dog and is ALWAYS up for playing ball.



Cookie:  Melee's bestest friend in the whole wide world!  She's a rescue that Morgan saved in Louisiana.  She's got tons of spunk and heart, and cannot leave big handsome Melee for even a second.

Willow:  The newest addition.  She started out pretty skittish but now demands nightly lap cuddles (no more than 10 minutes because, apparently, that's too much....unless it's cuddles with Roma.