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Photography Links

I take pictures from time to time.  Usually when we travel or when there is an event that I want to document.  There are way too many, so I tried to pick just a few.


One of the perks of working for an airline are the flight benefits.  We've been fortunate enough to start to see the world and our goal will not be achieved until we've seen it all (or close to it anyway).  Click below and take a tour with us around Italy, Czeck Republic, Spain, Zion National Park, and others...


Events and Family

Everything from birthday parties to Jiu Jitsu tournaments, I try to document things that are interesting to me in my everyday life.

Graphic and promotional

Before I started into photography, I was obsessed with Photoshop.  At one point I wanted to get into graphic design and thought about even changing professions all together.  I have to say I'm glad I stayed in the profession I am in now, but I still enjoy noodling around with digital art.